Biokommunikation mit Computertechnik

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Now here on this Internet site one can read, on the one hand, a theoretical introduction (one can get this also as a printed copy) and on the other hand take part in a practical investigation.

Attention! Both, reading on and practical taking part will lead to a change in awareness!

We live obviously in an enlightened world which stands about magic rituals and mystic stories. In a lecture on design in the University of Technology in the 80th, a professor reported on the consciousness development the following: he ascertained four steps of the development.

The first one the magic one. The consciousness of the Stone Age or also from children of nature living now in the South-American rain forest.

The next step, the mystic, rejects the previous one, it demonises and it holy stories of enlightened originate, as well as we it know from the Christian history, in the Buddhism and he describes Hinduism etc.

The third step as rational ones. This consciousness also "demonises" the previous and of course also the first one. We know this from our materialist contemporaries here as well as in India and somewhere else. This group of people of our time thinks of knowing the only right truth and manifests this in legal forms, monetary and financial compulsions and with the help of the press and television to all others.

What does he mean now with the fourth step? He called them the integral consciousness. At that time I was quite surprised what I heard there thus in a technological university because I had not expected it with many technocrats. This step differed from 2. and 3. already in the fact that it recognises this and also first. She integrates, so to speak, rationally the magic and mystic. Years later I found these words again directly with Sri Aurobindo's book " integral yoga " in which he specifies the way describes which lies before us or on which we are.





We search on this way 100 people who take part in a study to the consciousness research. Therefore everybody can get to know on easy terms this new form of the Radionik and investigate. Search for yourselves a subject which touches you at the moment. Other infos to the Radionik with Quantec

For good results should take part one at least three months. We ask for it per month for an amount of 30€. After a few subjects for the choice: AIDS and cancer, dermatology, diet, emotional dejection, finance problems, company consultation, cosmetics, circulatory strengthening, stomach discharge and intestinal discharge, partner problems, mould in rooms, decrease of the mileage, convalescence after operation.

For the participation in the study consciousness research you can select to yourselves any subject areas. Announce yourselves by means of e-mail with your subject or subjects. The data are not transmitted and are treated strictly confidentially. Here click: Contact form


Here is a small film as thus a radionic treatment looks in practice. At the beginning data were entered, like name, birthday, place of residence and a digital photo. As a result the radionic programme Quantec searches in a scanning, this is a diode with white noise and an electronic generator, from a big data bank, these are at the moment 40,000 entries, the entries from which show a resonance. The radionic programme Quantec creates with these entries a waving protocol which allows to occur then for a certain time in agreed time intervals a radionic waving. Go to Video






Diode with white rushing under the rose quartz triangle