Biokommunikation mit Computertechnik



How matter is connected with consciousness?

Explained on the background of the quantum physics easily to understand.

This all in the comparison with the knowledge of the more than 4000 years old Indian Veden which indicate an integral (holistic) universe, are connected to each other in the matter, energy and consciousness and to be more precise on an inseparable background, which the Veden describe as absolute existence (SAT), absolute consciousness (CHIT) and absolute salvation (ANANDA).
Biology, chemistry and physics is meeting psychology, religion and spirituality.
The "Bohemian village" in our head - that was for me quantum physics and the Vedas - gets a bright street illumination!

Holistic Science and Vedanta was written by Swami Jitetmananda a Indian physics professor and Hindu monk. In the year 2000 Kurt Wolfram found this document in a bookstore in Pondychery, Southindia, translated it into German  and is publishing by himself.


Holistic Science and Vedanta


Since the beginning of the 20-th century the modern sciences in all areas have done great progress. Many of the new discoveries in chemistry, physics and biology have the former images about the universe, the human body and the physiology of the plants completely in asks put. The old barriers, the mind and matter, matter and energy, living person and non-living person, observer and observed in strictly areas separate of each other divided, have been knocked down. Heisenberg´s discovery of the unsharpness relation has dismantled the former image of the strict relation of cause and effect in the world of the subatomic particles. The mechanically agreed universe of Laplace and Newton was shaken by the unquestionable indefiniteness of the approach of the subatomic world. The consciousness of the observer has been connected inescapable with the act of the observation of the so-called separate observer.

Every picture of the subatomic world is a picture of omnijektiver reality in which both, subjective and objective reality, again linkedly are found. Schrödingers discovery of the wave equation has confirmed the idea quite anticipated by Max Planck that the consciousness creates the external reality. And this consciousness is to Schrödinger in his last resolution and investigation one and unique. The diversity of the consciousness, is after Schrödinger Maya (n.: Sanskritbezeichnung for the appearance of the reality). Max Born's discovery of the likelyhood of the waves leads to the other image that the so-called inorganic matter like the organic life owns a consciousness. The solidly steady universe, to the Einstein affectionately has stuck, today it was substituted by an extending and astringent universe, this has his origin in a unique point, " to the event horizon ", in the time and space stop to exist. The big theory of the standardization (GUT-Grand Unification Theory), from Einstein suggested and later from discoveries by Abdns Salam, Sheldon Glashaw and Steven Weinberg sanctioned, points at a basic unity of all physical forces in the universe. The successful experiment of Bells theorem by David Bohm and other has underpinned that in our universe basically everything is connected with each other and is inseparable with it. Every subatomic particle is after Arthur Köstler a "holon" hologramme which is connected with any other particle in the universe.